Arlington Business Park’s lake is surrounded by a range of amenities; from a floating pavilion to a cafe, a gym to a theatre-style landscaped space known affectionately as ‘The Bowl’ – holding events throughout the year – a table tennis table and Arlington’s own beehives.

Meetings. Refreshed.

The state-of-the-art Floating Pavilion is a shared meeting, party and conference space.

With floor-to-ceiling windows on all four sides, retractable doors on three sides and an outside terrace, it provides a work space that pushes the boundaries of conventional working environments.

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Cafe culture. Refreshed.

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60% of millennials find working remotely from a public space, such as a coffee shop or the park, appealing, compared to just 26% of baby boomers.

Our on-site café open 8am-4pm Monday to Thursday and Friday 8am-3pm, offers more than just food and drink. We have a library, lounge, football table, selection of board games, meeting room and beautiful outdoor terrace overlooking the lake.

Open exclusively for tenants at the Park, our Café offers extensive hot and cold food and drink with weekly specials on the menu. Starbucks coffee is also served within the Café. There is a separate lounge and library area inside the Café for those wanting a longer break. It also makes an idyllic location for informal meetings, lunches and events.

Café @ No10 is a cashless system, purchases from the Café are to be made with the Around The Lake Membership Cards which is a cashless fob system that can be topped up via the app or online. Find out more about the Around The Lake Membership Cards and how to authorise them here.

Need a menu catered to you for a meeting or team lunch? They are happy to arrange any other food, drinks or snacks that are not in their main menu, please talk to Nathalie, our manager for more details

The use of Cafe @ No10 and the new Lake Fitness @ No10 and are only for staff who work within building numbers 1210-1240; 1310-1330; 1410-1430 and 1650. If you have any questions about this please email the events team at

The meeting room within the Café can be booked online HERE.

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Lake Fitness @ No10 offers modern gym facilities and classes exclusively for staff who work within building numbers 1210-1240; 1310-1330; 1410-1430 and 1650.

With the convenience of being right on your office’s doorstep, Arlington’s on-site gym means employees can work out when it suits them without wasting their precious free time traveling to and from a different location to exercise. Open Monday to Friday 6am – 8pm.

The gym is well-equipped with state-of-the-art resistance and cardio equipment and offers group exercise classes all included in the membership. Classes are available every lunchtime.

Members also have the opportunity to have personal training.

To join Lake Fitness @ No10 you simply need to set up a Lake Fitness membership account whereupon you will be directed to set up a direct debit membership (£20 per month). Once you have joined please email to ensure your ‘Around the Lake Card’ is activated.

Lake Fitness @ No10 is accessed via your around the lake key card, all classes are bookable 7 days in advance through the ClubRight Gym membership system. Book Classes

Please email with any questions or queries.

Digital TV & Radio – watch or listen to your favourite programme while working out
Personalised workout programmes – get the right workout for you
Social media connectivity – ensure everyone knows you are exercising
Cross platform smart phone technology – connect your own device & enjoy your own music or videos.

If you would like to look around the gym or have any questions about the gym please contact Nikki or Polly directly at
If you have a question regarding your direct debit please call Debit Finance on 01908-422000 or e mail


Lake Fitness @ No10 is exclusively for staff who work within building numbers 1210-1240; 1310-1330; 1410-1430 and 1650.


Shred It

A cardio based, high intensity combination workout, using a level of different formats including weights and body weight. The focus is maximal workout, minimal rest.

CERT (Controlled Energised Resistance Training)

Resistance work using a combination of weights, or body weight to work on a pyramid basis of repetitions, allowing the individual to work to their own intensity whether that’s high power or on a lower level.

Pilates/Power Pilates

A method used to build strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone with an emphasis on elongating the body and aligning the spine. Strengthens the trunk supporting the body, and assist in rehabilitation for lower back problems. The class can be taught at a lower intensity (Pilates) or higher intensity (power Pilates) but both in a controlled manner.

Yoga Flow

Coordinating body movements with breath to flow from one pose to the next. To focus on strength, openness, stillness, awareness and breath. (Some yoga experience is advisable)

MET Boost (Metabolic Boost)

Elevate the metabolism and get those calories down even at rest. A form of circuit style “all over body” exercises performed through the use of free weights and body weight baring techniques.

FSC (Flexibility, Strength & Core)

Targets the key areas of the body we tend to ignore through regular daily activities, reaching muscles to help improve muscle flexibility and strength, as well as Core stability… using mainly body weight, resistance bands and medicine balls.

Circuit Blast

A high intensity class involving short bursts of cardio choreographed martial arts inspired workout followed by core and body weight circuits. Designed to get your heart rate up, burn fat fast, as well as toning all major and minor muscle groups.

Box Fitness

A low impact, high energy workout that incorporates boxing with functional conditioning. The class is designed to release and relieve stress, and burn that unwanted fat.

HIT (High Intensity Training)

A form of interval training, and cardio fitness performed by alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, involving short bursts or high intensity followed by a brief low intensity activity, repeatedly.

Stretch/Pure Stretch

Focus on elongation of muscles and limbs, moving the body through different forms of stretch to reduce muscles tension, stiffness and stress. Encouraging the body to open up as far or as past the usual limit to encourage more mobility and flexibility.

Run The Lakes (Suitable for beginners & intermediate level)

A controlled and Free Moving running session, led and paced by an instructor to help stabilise a comfortable pace, and build up the intensity through time. Note: This is a seasonal class

Take a look around LAKE FITNESS @ No10

Down time. Refreshed.

For when you need to clear your head before a meeting, take a breather before a conference call or enjoy a walk on your break, Arlington has the space to do that right on your office’s doorstep.

Stay connected with WiFi in the Park if you want to take a meeting outside and work in the sunshine. Or disconnect completely with a game of table-tennis on our outdoor table. To take a look around, click here.

Initiatives to attract local wildlife, including the Park’s own beehives, are in place and diverse gardens have been planted to allow native plants and trees to thrive.

Your lifestyle. Your building. Your app

Your new Arlington Business Park App is packed full of helpful services you can book and access on demand. From booking onto events to the latest timetable at Lake Fitness, the app combines smart technology and a hub portal for information on and around the Park.

Making it easier for you, you’ll be able to book our events with the click of a button. As well as information on other upcoming events on the Park!

There’s a dedicated offers section exclusively for you as an Arlington Business Park tenant, with money off and freebies you’ll definitely want to check them out. Keep up to date with the latest from Lake Fitness and Café @ No.10, with all this, make sure to download it today.

For a helpful guide on how to download the app, book onto events and more click here.


We’ve put together a guide to our Environmental Social Governance Guide policy here at the park, highlighting how we work and our future plans.