Lake Fitness @ No.10 is our on-site gym facility with an exercise studio and state of the art fitness suite offering some of the latest fitness equipment.

Membership to Lake Fitness @ No10 is just £20 per month payable through Direct Debit, giving you access to the open gym plus unlimited classes.

Corporate Memberships are available for £15 per month (minimum 10 employees from a single company)

Members gain access to the Gym using their own individual Around The Lake key card. Opening hours for the gym are 6am-8pm on weekdays and all classes are bookable 7 days in advance through the ClubRight Gym membership system. Book Classes

Gym equipment including treadmills, bicycles, step machines and cross trainers with 18.5” android HD ready touch screen consoles ensuring the very best entertainment and most engaging workout modes are possible. Plus concept II rowers, resistance machines, free weights and stretch area.

FREE 7 Day pass available NOW for you to try Lake Fitness @ no.10.  Enter your details into our membership system and select free 7 day pass.

Digital TV & Radio – watch or listen to your favourite programme while working out
Personalised workout programmes – get the right workout for you
Social media connectivity – ensure everyone knows you are exercising
Cross platform smart phone technology – connect your own device & enjoy your own music or videos.

If you would like to look around the gym or have any questions about the gym please contact Nikki or Polly directly at
If you have a question regarding your direct debit please call Debit Finance on 01908-422000 or e mail


Lake Fitness @ No10 is exclusively for staff who work within building numbers 1210-1240; 1310-1330; 1410-1430 and 1650.


Shred It

A cardio based, high intensity combination workout, using a level of different formats including weights and body weight. The focus is maximal workout, minimal rest.

Strength & Conditioning

Resistance work using a combination of weights, or body weight to work on a pyramid basis of repetitions, allowing the individual to work to their own intensity whether that’s high power or on a lower level.

Pilates/Power Pilates

A method used to build strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone with an emphasis on elongating the body and aligning the spine. Strengthens the trunk supporting the body, and assist in rehabilitation for lower back problems. The class can be taught at a lower intensity (Pilates) or higher intensity (power Pilates) but both in a controlled manner.

Yoga Flow

Coordinating body movements with breath to flow from one pose to the next. To focus on strength, openness, stillness, awareness and breath. (Some yoga experience is advisable)

Legs, Bums & Tums

A simple but effective class focusing on conditioning, sculpting and toning those stubborn areas. Ideal both for kick-starting and maintaining your fitness and shape.

Box Fit

A cardio workout based on the training used for boxing, focusing on toning and fitness. It includes skipping, boxing drills and bodyweight exercises that incorporate footwork and abdominal movements

HIT (High Intensity Training)

A form of interval training, and cardio fitness performed by alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, involving short bursts or high intensity followed by a brief low intensity activity, repeatedly.

Stretch/Pure Stretch

Focus on elongation of muscles and limbs, moving the body through different forms of stretch to reduce muscles tension, stiffness and stress. Encouraging the body to open up as far or as past the usual limit to encourage more mobility and flexibility.

Run The Lakes (Suitable for beginners & intermediate level)

A controlled and Free Moving running session, led and paced by an instructor to help stabilise a comfortable pace, and build up the intensity through time. Note: This is a seasonal class

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These events and activities are only for staff who work within building numbers 1210-1240; 1310-1330; 1410-1430 and 1650.
If you have any questions about this please email the events team at